Cooking Soup to Nuts with Abby: 20 Classes


Cooking Soup to Nuts with Abby: 20 Classes


Lesson #1 – How to boil water, getting your kitchen organized.

• Lesson #2 – How to make a basic weeknight dinner, basic nutrition and food safety.

• Lesson #3 – Knife basics. How to select fresh fruits, veggies.

• Lesson #4 – How to cook vegetables. We’ll cook 4-5!

• Lesson #5 – What to keep on hand when making soup/stock. We’ll make a soup – seasonally appropriate!

• Lesson #6 – How to cook pasta. We’ll make Gnocchi and Sauce.

• Lesson #7 – How to make delicious salads.

• Lesson #8 – Cooking with grains, beans and rice

• Lesson #9 – Cooking chicken.

• Lesson #10 – How to broil and poach fish.

• Lesson #11 – How to cut up meats. How to roast. GRILL!

• Lesson #12 – How to cook eggs. We will make a bunch of yummy things.

• Lesson #13 – How to stir-fry.

• Lesson #14 – Dairy basics.

• Lesson #15 – Sauces 101.

• Lesson #16 – Basics of baking. Savory and Sweet Recipes

• Lesson #17 – How to bake a cake and a pie.

• Lesson #18 – Timing: How to get everything on the table at once. We’ll make a meal!

• Lesson #19 – How to rescue cooking disasters.

Lesson #20 – Cooking Finals! CWA makes the last class fun and challenging! Put all you have learned to the test!

All classes take place in CWA Cooking Studio @ 156 Norwell Ave, unless we discuss field trips! Each class is 2-2.5 hours. Some may go over if we are having too much fun.  We can choose a mutually agreed upon day(s).  We can try recipes you want to try or talk about specific questions you have. The goal of this series is to graduate feeling as if you have learned how to cook, but more importantly, that you like it or love it – and have developed skills that will help you continue the journey! 

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