Great Christmas Gift! 7 Cooking Classes - Series with Chef Abby


Great Christmas Gift! 7 Cooking Classes - Series with Chef Abby


All classes take place in CWA Cooking Studio @ 156 Norwell Ave, unless we discuss field trips! Each class is 2-2.5 hours. Some may go over if we are having too much fun.  We can choose a mutually agreed upon day(s).  We can try recipes you want to try or talk about specific questions you have. The goal of this series is to graduate feeling as if you have learned how to cook, but more importantly, that you like it or love it – and have developed skills that will help you continue the journey! 

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We are going to meet each week to cook healthy meals, made from locally sourced ingredients, and explore the world, techniques, tips, medicinal recipes (think heart smart, low inflammation, low calorie-plenty of nutrients). I am teaching recipes that are doable & delicious! We will dedicate one whole class to bread 🥖. We will schedule that one as a group as we will need a longer time frame.

Each class will include Instruction and Demonstration/Hands on Cooking; Full portion meal (eating what we make), recipe(s) and spice packets or jars.

Recipes will be available prior to class and students will also be able to download from my website. We always have a welcome appetizer - recipes will be available for featured appetizers as well.

Classes are 2+hours, beginning at 6:30pm. We will offer a make-up class date for those that have to skip one for illness or scheduling conflicts.

I look forward to exploring the world of food with you - and having an amazing experience together!

One can also book private classes with friends, partners, spouses, etc. Email me or call or text to will be scheduled with each individual!