Abby's Cookbook Dinner Club - Monthly! 13 Classes for 12

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Abby's Cookbook Dinner Club - Monthly! 13 Classes for 12

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Abby's Cook-Dinner Club is going to be a blast! Members will take turns bringing their favorite cookbook - and their favorite recipe from that book to class. At the end of each class, we will pick a person in the group to tell us about their favorite cookbook, and share their recipe...we'll cook that one next!  We'll explore cultures and regions and food memories, together. 

We will meet 13 times (and then we can renew!). The yearly fee is for 12 classes, each lasting 2 hours, and then after we cook together, we eat together. The 13th class in September of 2017 will be a class that celebrates our year together!  We will gather for a feast - each bringing something to share at our huge, harvest, table. I will cook the main dish, my favorite, to share with all of you. 

Class Schedule:




12/21/16 (Club & Holiday Party!)







July & August Dates - We will pick the Summer Dates TOGETHER!

September FEAST! September 13, 2017



As many of you know, I love cookbooks - really love them. I read them, study them, collect them. There are so many amazing cookboks that give me inspiration, make me grateful, push me, intrique me. I practice recipes to practive techniques, learn new flavors. For me, they are a jumping off point.



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