Why should you join me in Umbria this Fall?

Ciao Friends!  Cooking with Abby is heading to Umbria!

I have been advertising my first culinary adventure for awhile now - and I am getting lots of interest in my trip(s). I am happy about that, of course, but I thought I'd take a few minutes to further explain why I am doing them...as I get asked that question, a lot!  Italy is my first destination and the South of France will be my second. I want to also go to Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Cuba, Mexico....and lots of other places too.  We will head wherever I can find interesting chefs, good and healthy ingredients, yummy wine and spirits, gorgeous land, and wonderfully warm and welcoming people. My adventures are for the foodie souls. 

My first trip is to Italy because I want to take people to my dear friend's cooking school in Umbria - and to experience Umbria in a way that is hard to explain. Our hearts and souls connect with places - and as a chef and a lover of all things delicious, Umbria sets my soul on fire!  The people, the fresh ingredients, the recipes, the people (did i say that already?!), the wine, the olive oil, & the restaurants are only a few things that make this trip worth taking. Can you imagine cooking with a wonderful Italian Chef for three days in her 16th Century Flat?  We will tour vineyards and orchards, visit Roma (+ 5 Culinary Destinations there and dinner in Trastevere (neighborhood in Rome), and eat at local restaurants in Umbria that will have you begging for more. The week of October 10-18, 2016, promises to be full of good people, good food, good wine...and life changing experiences. I mean that! Italy and her people will invade your heart and you will come back more appreciative of those you love, the food you create, the wine you drink. I also learned to appreciate TIME more seriously on my first trip to Umbria -- the value of an experience, and the need to feed my soul regularly. Cooking, traveling, tasting, drinking, learning - and experiencing these things in Italy, is a journey worth taking. 

We will create food journals and collect recipes and learn about wine and olive oil, etc. as part of the experience(s).  We will also create food memories that will change how you cook and how you think about feeding yourself and your family. I never stop learning. I never stop practicing. There is always something to gain by visiting another culture.  

Join me. We have some spots left. Call me @ (617) 997-5822 or email me @: cookingwithabbygray@gmail.com -- Carpe Diem!